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You can test our version of this setup on our sample site

There are a few places on our blog and documentation that you might want to visit to read up more on our custom result page feature:

If things go wrong, here is where to look:

Did you use our test page to look up the exact way to find the values you want to use? Find out if your variables actually have the values you expect them to have. Remove the redirection JavaScript from the custom PHP code and add this PHP code prior to the closing ?> var_dump($riddle); var_dump($_SESSION);

Do a var_dump for any other variable you are using and check if they have the value you expect. If they don’t, you are not picking up the correct value.

If you are doing everything as we said and you are still not getting any data, check with your hosting company and ask them if they have security measures in place that prevent you from processing $_REQUEST data.

If that is not the case either, maybe the file you uploaded to your server is not working. Do something very simple. Remove the redirect script again and type echo (“hello world”); before the closing ?>. Now when you open the URL of your custom PHP file in a browser it should at least say “Hello World” on the screen. If it does not or if that produces an error, your hosting company may not allow for you adding files outside of WordPress. Ask them about it.

If you run into further problems, use the chat tool on and we will try to help. Please understand though, that this is fairly advanced stuff and we may not be able to answer as fast as we usually do as not everyone in our support chat will know how to debug and fix issues with these things.

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