What size images work best?

Add the perfect images to engage your audience (click here for our image tips).

Ideal image sizes for the main title/question images :

  • Wide ratio: 960 x 540
  • Square ratio: 720×720
  • Tall ratio: 720×960

Please note: once you select a format, all of the images will be in that ratio… for example, you can’t mix/match wide with tall images.

This is on purpose – we didn’t want your quiz resizing all the time to accommodate different image layouts.

Quiz answers:

  • Our answers are all in 16:9 (wide) ratio – so use a size like 960×540.
  • This keeps our quizzes nice and compact, for less scrolling and a better overall user experience for your audience.

Optimum file size: 250KB for fastest quiz loading – but larger files will work. You can click ‘edit’ to crop as needed.

You can also upload your own animated GIFs

Video walkthrough: Choosing the right image size

Animated GIF file size: 

You can also add your own animated GIFs.

GIFs are super popular – and great for engagement.

However, choosing a file size limit for GIFs are a little tricky.

It’s not the file size – instead it’s the total resolution x the number of frames.

We have a 10MB file limit.

Imagine you want to add a GIF of 1,000 pixels high x 800 pixels wide x 200 frames = 800,000 pixels x 200 frames = 160,000,000 bytes (160MB!).

  1. To avoid this issue, you want to make each frame as small as possible in Photoshop or whatever your designer used.
  2. 960×540 for our wide format is ideal.
  3. Second, you can reduce the # of frames per second – something like 5 or 6 per second is fine.
  4. Third, you can use a free tool like https://ezgif.com/optimize to reduce the file size by about 40%.

One other note: GIFs are big files – normally they would be slow to load. However we automatically convert them to MP4 video for your audience.

No loss of quality, and much faster speed especially on slower mobile connections. Boom!

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